Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I was nervous for Amsterdam. Everyone describes it as a crazy place to see! No wonder so many college students love it there: coffee shops, bar hopping and the Red Light District. 

But I had anxieties about nothing...sure the city had a particular essence in the air but I actually loved its character and charm. I avoided the Red Light District and coffee shops without even trying! I even encountered some incredible shops, restaurants, and places to see!

First thing first: we arrived late in the afternoon and needed a little pick me up! Kony (a coffee shop literally next door to us) had the perfect afternoon treat! 

Then it was time for little exploring! The canals are gorgeous...

Then we checked out a few stores! Some of my favorites are Anna + Nina and Pluck (a cafe and home goods store)!

The first night we had a group dinner at this Indonesian place! It was a family style meal (meaning we had too much food to share)! 

The next morning we went to the Rijksmuseum and saw the famous Night Watch painting. 

Played in the fountain...

and on giant letters!

Tip: This place is CROWDED! Go early for a great pic or be prepared to be aggressive...

We had a small lunch at the museum and then ventured down the street to the Van Gogh Museum-it was probably one of my favorite spots in Europe! 

We had afternoon coffee at Pluck...look how yummy!

Saw the Fault in Our Stores bench...

We had dinner at the AMAZING place called Cau-nicest staff ever! And you can't go to Amsterdam without stopping at the Ice Bakery (a Nutella lover's dream). 

We had the next day off! So of course we started the day at the Pancake Bakery! 
Tip: This is a popular spot! Either reserve ahead of time or go early! We got lucky...

Popped into a few spots! This was a cute place! 

We didn't go into the Anne Frank house. It's an all day ordeal to get in and early reservation tickets were sold out. I'm sure it's worth the wait, but we wanted to see a few spots instead of waiting all morning long. 

Shops we went into: Royal Delft Store (best delft in Amsterdam), And Other Labels, Cotton Cake

We also went to the floating flower market-it was a little commercialized in my humble opinion...

Lunch at Coffee and Coconuts-an old movie theatre turned cafe! Lots of hipsters in the area...

We strolled some more before getting caught in a down pour... I needed another coffee so we headed back to the hotel and I went to Kozy. 

Dinner was at a salad place called SLT!

Amsterdam trinkets!

Thanks for reading!

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